© 2019 Personalised Christmas Stockings by Glennis

This handmade and personalised Christmas stocking is hand pieced and appliqued. If you look closely, the images are beaded or decorated with Christmas gems. The final touch is the personalised name, beautifully embroidered with gold metallic thread, creating an heirloom for your loved one that will last for generations to come.


The stocking is lined with Christmas fabric and the back is stippled (quilted) to hold the wadding in place. This makes the stocking padded and ensures the stocking holds its shape when hung empty or filled with treasures. Christmas binding is used for the top edge and fabric loops are attached for hanging the stocking. Finally, a ribbon and two jingle bells are sewn on the side.


This Christmas stocking is approximately 75cm tall and 40cm in width. Please note that no two stockings are exactly the same as they are all individually hand made.

Sandy Santa - Stocking - Large

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